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This modality offers an enclosed single price, in other words, a guarantee that the agreed fee will not suffer subsequent amendments. In it is also included the execution of all services, purchase of materials, equipment, and supply of labor, building and insurance.

J. Fonseca Construction offers and ensures the completion of a job with excellence quality and continuous improvement to meet and bring complete customer satisfaction. Thus embraces the work as a whole, with the best warranty of quantitative balance and related costs, fair price, budget and cash flow, with strict adherence to the stipulated schedule.

The company operates with respect for the environment, reaching great levels in safety, occupational health, and social responsibility.

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Administration is a type of contract also known as "cost price". The owners take responsibility for the full cost of the project. In this modality, the client or members of the SPE (Society for Specific End - established by the purchasers of fractions of a particular construction) are responsible for all expenses.

Thus, the values are more reasonable. On the other hand, the client will have considerably greater risks, given that any and all variations at the cost of materials will be under the responsibility of the contractor.

J. Fonseca Construction ensures the pursuit of lower costs and risks, prioritizing the overall customer satisfaction, with excellent drafting and detailed executive budgets, survey to quantify and unit figures. Furthermore, it allows the execution of projects with competence, quality and commitment. Targeting the Guaranteed Maximum Price, the administration projects are undertaken in compliance with the original budget, in other words, generating little variation, as well as significant reduction of values.

Always providing attentive and fair service, J. Fonseca Construction brings its outstanding performance to strive for continuous improvement, together with respect for the environment, maintaining its high level of occupational and health safety, and social responsibility.

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The EPC is one of the contractual modalities at J. Fonseca Construction, which offers complete elaboration of procedures that complement the viability of engineering projects.

Thus, J. Fonseca Construction develops all, that is, Architectural, executives and city hall projects as well as budget, construction and related approvals. Moreover, it aims to ensure practicality in monitoring the project, through the alliance between its renowned quality, continuous improvement and cost reduction, enabling thus the client to be available to devote themselves to their core activity.

Therefore we can turn our attention to the physical and financial planning, approvals from the competent agencies with efficient and careful execution of the project, in order to always add technology and market innovations in all activities and services (with full consideration to the Environment) and achieve high levels of Safety, occupational Health and Social Responsibility.

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Built to Suit can be defined as a contractual form of real estate operation.

In this modality, the endeavor is funded by an investor based on the needs, characteristics and interests presented by the client, once the property will be used for a term / specified period by the client. The investment shall be assured by the use of the property as much as the return of those investments applied in the endeavor.

This way, the method allows, in the short term, no capital tie-up by the client as well as the lease of the property, in other words, there are property rights regarding the lessor, thereby being applied both the Lease Act and the Civil Law.

In addition, J. Fonseca Construction develops all its financial operations, bringing capital market investors and the lowest rates in the market, prepares the budget, configuration and performs the accounting spreadsheet cash flow. All services are performed with dedication and attention to detail, quality and quest for continuous improvement as well as provision of services with the highest levels of safety and occupational health, respect for the environment and social responsibility.

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Incorporation is another modality J. Fonseca Construction offers. It aims to make land and construction into a single enterprise, that is, the construction is performed in a incorporated way.

J. Fonseca Construction is hired to perform the construction. In this modality, there is the commercialization by the client of the ideal terrain fraction attributed to the property’s autonomous unit to be build, configuring, this way, real state incorporation.

There is a full guarantee of achieving a job of quality, in which the goal is the search for continuous improvement in customer service, as well as the execution of the work from beginning to end of the activities, with strict monitoring and responsible procedures during all stages, providing easiness and customer satisfaction. We operate with respect for the environment, optimal levels for health, safety and social responsibility.

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J. Fonseca Construction, aiming at the future and the constant development of Brazil, is also present in the railway industry. With the launch of the Logistics Investment Program, which will include 12 railroads, the contractor sees their interests further stimulated by the performance in the segment.

Brazil has shown increasingly that rail transport is extremely important for the growth of the economy, the long distances and the huge volumes ground the obvious need. In this sense, the country plans to expand the rail network to 40,000 km in order to achieve reduction in logistics costs, increase competitiveness and intermodality.

This way, J. Fonseca Construction strives to provide the best service combined with modern technology and experience in the construction market. To do so, the services comprised in the sector include:

Technical/Economic Feasibility Studies: Seeking the interests and needs from the client, with presentation of study grounded in the conditions of technical and economic needs, also advisory services, so that the decision making is correct in the search for a project.

Lines and Rail Terminals Implementation Projects: The railway expertise has become the focus in the projects, so the presentation of project implementation is essential and involves bringing the basic assumptions, the expertise, the best geometric design, as well as the economic feasibility study of passenger and cargo movement.

Railway maintenance: J. Fonseca Construction technical team presents a work plan for achieving the best maintenance plan regarding technical and economic standards, while providing all customer safety maximizing the application of the investment in services.

Construction and remodeling railway terminals: Through diverse construction methods, the railroads are deployed along the railway terminals with our already recognized experience in planning, hard work and totally focused customer service, and the searching not to compromise the production line next to existing roads remodeling.

Railways Development: We search for reliable partnerships, conducting the study, planning and looking for new solutions for the development of new railways for freight trains and passengers.

We conduct work to ensure excellence in quality, eternal search for continuous improvement, fair and detailed budget, with strict adherence to deadlines.

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Brazil is on the rise and J. Fonseca Construction grows alongside to it. So we could not help investing in the hospitality segment.

The trend of structuring and strengthening of tourism, and therefore hospitality industry, has increased annually likewise the demand from the domestic and international tourism. Brazil is increasingly in evidence and has featured positively on the world stage accompanied by the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. In this scenario, J. Fonseca Construction is also dedicated to the field with all required skills and expertise.

J. Fonseca Construction works with commitment, values and strict quality in all services provided. We are updated, and bring new technology from the construction market. We search continuous improvement by excellence in planning, and due to compliance to schedules. We are attentive to safety, occupational health, and social responsibility.

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