Construtora e Empreiteira J. Fonseca


J. Fonseca Construction was founded in 1995, but we can say that its history blends with the history of its founder John Carlos Fonseca, who has worked since 1974 in the civil construction sector.

From day one, J. Fonseca Construction has been treading a solid path in Construction and Construction Management, and all this can be perfectly seen in its history. Starting modestly, we have always tried to create a supporting base before taking the next step. And this has been our recipe for success that puts J. Fonseca Construction among companies in the sector that invest in upgrading and technology

In 2010, the business expanded not only in the customer portfolio, but J. Fonseca Construction also gained a new partner, Marcelo Fonseca. It was a period of significant growth that has made J. Fonseca Construction the 15th fastest growing company in Brazil.

To keep up with the growth, in 2012, we acquired our own headquarters which attracted more business to J. Fonseca Construction.

All this growth was the result of the commitment of each employee and their loyalty to J. Fonseca Construction and vision of its owners who always sought to expand their horizons. Today, in addition to work in the industrial, commercial and residential areas, we already have work done on railways in our portfolio. All this with a high level of customer loyalty. After all, words like commitment, trust, strength and safety are part of not only our daily lives but also our history.