Construtora e Empreiteira J. Fonseca



The employee is our priority and also his/her safety

Here at J. Fonseca Construction, we are fully aware that employees are essential to the achievement of our goals. Thus taking care of safety is our priority.

In 2006, we received the Certificate of Performance in Safety, granted by Cia Nitro Química Brasileira celebrating the mark of ZERO accidents in the expansion of plants of Nitrocellulose, Alcoholization and "DPA" building. For us, this recognition is very important as we always seek to work within the rules and procedures that guide Safety and Occupational Health.

In addition to the inspections in the construction sites, field visits, trainings, guidelines and creation of internal procedures, we also created a comprehensive safety program, the Guardian Angel Program. It is through this program that we developed motivational campaigns on safety that that are propagated in all the work. With it, we can achieve the employee awareness and create a culture of safety. All this while maintaining successfully focus on our goal of ZERO accidents and planning for continuous improvement regarding to issues related to health and safety of employees.

For us at J. Fonseca Construction, safety concerns society as a whole. Therefore, we always act with social and environmental responsibility.